Quality, Environmental, and Energy Policy at HELUKABEL

HELUKABEL GmbH is an independent enterprise which develops, manufactures, and sells cables, wires, and accessories.

We pursue a growth strategy. This happens in an environment of increasing expectations from both customers, society and interested parties. The determination and evaluation of the claims and requirements regarding the interested parties in the context of business and market conditions in connection with our business processes is basis of the target orientation.

The goal is to achieve sustainable business success through the confidence and satisfaction of customers and society as a whole. Due to adaptability and continuous development of its management system, we are safeguarding the future of the company. As a result, HELUKABEL places great emphasis on the quality and environmental impact of its processes and products, the efficient use of resources and energy, and on satisfying legal and regulatory requirements.

HELUKABEL also complies with the following environmental regulations: the regulations on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) and on the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemical substances (REACH) .

Compliance with the quality, environmental, and energy policy is an obligation and an ongoing task for the executive board and for each individual employee. The demands of the quality, environmental, and energy policy is expressed in these areas.

Customers, Society, Interested Parties The understanding of customer requirements and of the requirements and expectations of state and society form the framework for the successful development of the company. This includes official and legal requirements. These have to be identified and checked for relevance on an ongoing basis. Their implementation has to be planned and monitored.

Leading and Employees The success of HELU KABEL GmbH is supported by qualified managers and employees who work cooperatively in a team, combining a high level of responsibility and independence with a marked awareness for costs, quality, environment, energy, and health and safety.

Suppliers We rely on selected suppliers who work with us in a partnership and meet our standards for quality, environmental protection, and energy efficiency.

Quality Reliable products meeting the requirements, timely delivery, and excellent service allow us to meet our customers' demands. Quality targets are aligned on the principles of this policy. They will be aligned in the relevant areas of the company and their implementation is monitored.

Environment We are committed to continuing to avoid and minimise negative environmental impact. This is particularly the case regarding air and water quality and unintentional emissions. In doing so, we strive to make economical use of all kinds of natural resources. We only use hazardous substances where no better alternatives are available, and we handle the hazardous substances carefully. We minimize and separate waste in order to allow their external re-use. We actively work with our suppliers to avoid the use of hazardous substances. Environmental targets are aligned on the principles of this policy. They will be aligned in the relevant areas of the company and their implementation is monitored.

A continuous pursuit of more energy efficiency and lower consumption is an essential prerequisite for the sustainability of further growth in the world.
We commit ourselves to constantly improve the energy management system and energy-related performance. Therefore, the energy use, consumption, and efficiency will be determined. Opportunities for their improvement are sought, evaluated, prioritized and, as far as possible and sensible- realized. Energy targets are aligned on the principles of this policy. They will be aligned in the relevant areas of the company and their implementation is monitored.

Continuous Improvement
We are striving for continuous improvement of the quality of products and services with regard to operational environmental protection, energy-related performance, and health and safety. In doing so, we always seek out appropriate measures to optimise processes, the organisation, our work environment, and equipment to current and future requirements.

The statutory and regulatory requirements with regard to environmental and energy related care are already determined and will be updated regularly. Responsible parties in the organisation ensure implementation and compliance.

The management manual summarises the integrated management system for quality, environmental impact and energy performance. It refers to our documented targets which are described and made mandatory by the integrated management system for quality, environment, and energy and through further regulations and instructions for all employees.