The Networker

When it comes to figures, contracts or legal matters, Johannes Sailer’s the man! He’s HELUKABEL’s authorised signatory and although his area of work might seem dry at first glance, when the head of finance describes what he does, he captivates you from the word go. There’s no typical working day for Sailer, “which makes for a lot of variety”. And that's what makes the job so exciting. A key area of his work is budgeting and managing cashflow at HELUKABEL GmbH and its subsidiaries; therefore the 40-year-old is in constant communication with banks, tax consultants, auditors and lawyers. Johannes Sailer is also the contact person for customs clearance and compliance.

Johannes Sailer at the construction site of the new building
Johannes Sailer is an authorised signatory at HELUKABEL GmbH and is responsible for figures, contracts and legal matters. (© Ralf Grömminger)

In addition, he and his team are responsible for the group's insurance policies and developing the framework of agrements up tot he point of signing. Sailer is not only able to handle figures, he also understands the fine print. Sailer is not only able to handle figures, he also understands the fine print. His cooperation with overseas subsidiaries brings Johannes Sailer into regular contact with other cultures, which helps shape the continued development of the group. The business economics graduate greatly appreciates the regular exchange with all departments at HELUKABEL: ”You deal with so many nice people!“ Special projects are also on the authorised signatory’s to-do list: he is particularly proud of the construction of the new corporate office building in Hemmingen. When completed, all departments will work under one roof. ”This will give us space to exchange information on a daily basis and create an even better team spirit.“