Balancing on a Drum

At the end of march, roughly 18,000 cycling fans gathered at the “Berliner Fahrradschau,” the word’s leading cycle lifestyle fair, held in “The STATION” – a former rail freight station. There, cycling enthusiasts discovered the latest trends in the world of bikes and watched various demonstrations and competitions in wide-eyed wonder. One example of this was the Berlin Trials Cup. This involves amateur sportsmen/ women and professionals tackling various obstacle courses. The challenge for riders is to demonstrate their courage and stamina, while manoeuvring their bikes through tricky sections without losing balance; sometimes even jumping from one obstacle to the next on the back wheel. Frank Drygalla organises the Trials Cup and plans the course.

Bike trial rider jumps over cable drums
Bike Trial cyclists have two minutes per section - anyone who puts their foot down gets a penalty. In total, they cycle three times around the five sections. The cyclist with the least amount of points is the winner. (©Ida Steier)