Swabian Power for Bavarian Lifestyle

Photograph of the Hofbräuhaus in Munich

(© Tobias Ranzinger)

Culture, pleasure and conviviality: a visit to the Munich Hofbräuhaus is not only a top priority for tourists, but the world’s most famous pub is also a popular meeting place for locals. Up to 3000 guests a day enjoy Bavarian delicacies such as knuckle of pork, white sausages and roast pork accompanied by a decent “Mass” (double pint) from the world-famous Hofbräu brewery.
Founded in 1589 by Duke William V of Bavaria, the Hofbräuhaus also offers a glimpse behind the scenes of traditional pub culture: if you want to know how beer is brewed or taste freshly brewed beer directly from the barrel, then sign up for a guided tour of the brewery. Between brewing kettles and bottling plants you’ll learn interesting facts about beer and its processing, visit the brewery and fermenting cellar, and find out about beer bottling and storage. Freising-based KRONES is one of the companies responsible for the smooth production of beer. As a system supplier, it equips breweries, beverage bottlers and food producers throughout the world. In Munich, the brewery, bottle washing and labelling machines, and packaging line, are all supplied by KRONES AG. They contain numerous data and control cables from HELUKABEL and contribute to Bavarian lifestyle with Swabian precision.