HELUPOWER 1000 RV-K & 1100 RZ1-K

The ultimate cables in power transmission

Flashes of light with a power icon
Illustration HELUPOWER® 1000 RV-K

Power features:

  • flexible 0.6/1kV power cable
  • oil resistant
  • for AC & DC installations
  • direct burial
  • XLPE core insulation
  • torsion tested
  • UV resistant
  • AENOR certified

Cable structure

  • bare copper conductor, fi ne wire, acc. to DIN VDE 0295 cl. 5, IEC 60228 cl. 5
  • core insulation XLPE type DIX3 acc. to UNE HD 603-1
  • core identification
    ≤ 5 cores: color coded acc. to HD 308 S2
    ≥ 6 cores: black with contiuous white numbers acc. to EN 50334
  • RC conductor is GN/YE in 3+RC types
  • cables up to 10mm² are produced without fi ller
  • outer sheath of PVC compound type DMV 18 acc. to UNE HD603-1
  • with meter marking


These cables are designed for fl exible multi purpose power supply connections which can withstand medium mechanical stress when moving freely. Suitable for use in dry, moist and wet rooms. Also suitable for direct burial, laying in tubes and underground installation areas. Typical application areas range from general production machinery, to machine tool applications, conveyor belt systems, air-conditioning units, steel plant installations and factory automation. Ideal as power or control cable especially if increased temperature and/or voltage is required. UV resistant due to it’s special PVC outer sheath compund and therefore also ideal as power connection cable for outdoor mobile and portible devices and machinery. Alternatively also for use as power connection cable in the stage and lighting industry or renewable energy sector.


  • G = with green-yellow conductor
    X = without green-yellow conductor (OB)
  • R (XLPE insulation) V (PVC sheath) - K (fl exible conductor)
  • cross secotions with reduced cores are produced in ref. to AENOR standard

Halogen-free alternative: HELUPOWER 1100 RZ1-K

Illustration HELUPOWER 1000 Rz1-K