Power Provided by Sunlight

In the middle of Frankfurt city centre, ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING, a company that builds commercial and residential structures, is constructing the largest apartment building in the world, which will produce more energy than it consumes. The future tenants of the apartment building will not need to worry about power consumption and heating costs. On the roof, photovoltaic modules are tightly packed, producing enough power for all 74 apartments. Solar cells are even integrated into the facade. The surplus energy charges electric cars at the on-site, car-sharing station or is stored in a huge battery. Lorenz Energie GmbH is responsible for the photovoltaic system and will use SOLARFLEX cables from HELUKABEL. "We have installed such cables previously in other systems. They withstand heat and cold with no problem, and have low flammability," says Andreas Böcher, Environmental Engineer at Lorenz Energie GmbH.

Plus-Energy apartment building in Frankfurt
The new Plus-Energy apartment building in Frankfurt city centre produces more energy than the residents consume. (©ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING Wohnungsbau- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH)