The HELUKABEL plant near Shanghai started operations in 2013 and is the company’s first plant outside of Europe. Jay Song joined the team as managing director in 2014. With pioneer spirit and a dedicated team, the 37-year-old has the new subsidiary firmly established in the Chinese and Asian-Pacific market. Jay Song’s work focuses on process and production planning, as well as quality management. HELUKABEL’s same quality assurances apply to every cable and wire regardless of whether they are manufactured in Germany or “made in China”. For Jay Song, regular information exchanges and coordination with German plant colleagues is the norm, as is using material and test equipment compliant with German standards. However, his focus is always on the customers. They not only benefit from fast response and delivery times, but also from personal contacts, such as Jay Song, who literally and figuratively speak their language, understand their needs, and are able to provide immediate custommade solutions.

Jay Song holds a cable
Jay Song is the man in China. His job is to make sure that the Taicang production facility stays on track. (© HELUKABEL / Jikun Liu)