Moving Safely Around the Factory

Safety is paramount when transporting cable drums from point A to B. Therefore, KABELMAT paid particular attention to this aspect while designing the latest version of their cable drum placement tool, TROMSTOP. The result: a CE-certified platform suitable for use with almost all electric lifting equipment and capable of carrying drums with diameters ranging from 400 to 1000 millimetres (1 to 3 feet). Extra safety is provided by a mechanism that allows the prongs of the lifting equipment to lock into the TROMSTOP platform, thus preventing the drums from falling off the platform during transport. As a supplement to TROMSTOP, KABELMAT offers their customers TROMPLAT, a cable drum placement tool designed for use with forklifts. Its adjustable prongs mean TROMPLAT can be individually tailored to the needs of the customers.

TROMSTOP platform
Playing it safe: the prongs of the forklift lock into the TROMSTOP platform during transport. (© KABELMAT)