All on One Roof

Exterior shot of the Aldi roof with solar panels on top

ALDI has fitted its branches and distribution centre with photovoltaic systems. (©Pohlen-Solar)

A number of ALDI distribution cnetres and sales outlets in Germany produce their own power for cold storage, lighting and tills. Polen Solar GmbH has provided the roofs of the supermarket chain with photovoltaic modules. So that the system continues to supply power to the ALDI supermarkets for years to come, Pohlen Solar is relying on the HELUKABEL range."We looked at how HELUKABEL manufactures its cables and are absolutely convinced of their quality," says Igor Rauschen, Project Manager at Pohlen Solar. "At the same time, individual components such as plugs and cables must also withstand extreme conditions over two decades." In addition to adapters and fuses, HELUKABEL also supplies the SOLARFLEX cables developed for PV systems as well as rubber cables for system control. Under the panels, stainless steel cable ties from HELUKABEL then bundle the cables. Even the outdoor cable, which connects the system to the underground power supply, comes from the Hemmingen cable manufacturer. "We have been working with HELUKABEL since 2010 and look forward to further projects that we will implement together," Rauschen states.

Aldi supermarket with solar modules on the roof