Elaborate Lighting for Special Occasions

Talent shows, concerts or exhibition booths always try to impress their visitors with spectacular lighting effects. However, the more drama and colour there is on stage, the more complex the engineering is in the background. Full area and focused lighting effects require precision control of thousands of LEDs. Schnick-Schnack-Systems is a supplier of LED systems and an expert when it comes to power supplies, software and control devices for LEDs. Their made-in-Cologne solutions light up TV studios, shop interiors and an array of architectural structures such as ferris wheels, cruise ships and skyscrapers around the world. For perfect background data transmission, the company uses products from HELUKABEL‘s Media Technology division.

Shoe shop with LED system
For TV studios and concert halls alike: no matter how complex the application, LED system supplier, Schnick-Schnack-Systems, has the perfect solution. (© Schnick-Schnack-Systems)
Stage with LEDs
(© Schnick-Schnack-Systems)
A news studio full of lights
(© Schnick-Schnack-Systems)