Precision for Perfect Quality

Wolfgang Ott, Head of Quality Assurance at HELUKABEL, explains how he and his team monitor the high-quality standards of our goods.

A cable is measured precisely

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to quality: cross-departmental cooperation and high-precision manufacturing make HELUKABEL products reliable, and enable them to meet the most stringent requirements.

"Quality is when the customer, and not the product, comes back". For Wolfgang Ott, this famous quote reflects the goal of his work. As Head of HELUKABEL Quality Assurance, it’s both his and his team’s job to ensure that customers worldwide receive flawless products and that future products will continue to raise the standards of quality. To this end, the 51-year-old mechanical engineer keeps in close contact with colleagues working in the manufacturing plants, in Research and Development, in the Incoming Goods Department and in Sales. “Communicating and cooperating across departments is the alpha and omega because only by doing this can we find the right solution for the customer," explains Wolfgang Ott. "If there’s a complaint, we have to find out if it's a product or an application defect.”

To prevent complaints in the first place though, the manufacturing process is followed by testing to make sure a cable or wire meets requirements. Is the product compliant with all product specifications and standards? Has everything which was agreed with the customer been implemented?

As Wolfgang Ott reminds us: "Quality is not produced in one place but in every department at every stage." Independent analysis and troubleshooting are fundamental to his work. He classifies complaint cases according to measurable criteria in order to identify the root causes of problems and necessary actions. In contrast, when not working, he prefers spending time with his family, going for walks and, most importantly, being out in nature.

Wolfgang Ott Portrait
He knows what matters most: Wolfgang Ott is Head of Quality Assurance at HELUKABEL and, together with his team, ensures that customers all over the world receive flawless products.