Creative Minds for Special Requirements

How HELUKABEL's cable design department turns complex requirements into tailor-made solutions

Cable design department working on a request for a special cable

HELUKABEL's cable design department turns complex requirements into tailor-made solutions.

When we receive a request for a special cable from one of our customers, the work begins in our cable design department. Their task is to develop solutions that meet unique and often technically complex requirements. For this, a lot of know-how and expertise are essential.

Custom solutions are one of HELUKABEL's great strengths - and their development would not be possible without the "Cable Design" department, which is based at our production plant in Windsbach, Germany. "Our customers come to us with wishes and requirements that cannot be easily met with standard products," describes the department head, Ömer Durak. "So we then try to design cables and conductors that are perfectly suited to the application in question.”

Durak's team is therefore made up of individuals who are highly technically skilled - after all, they deal with new challenges almost every day. "A good example is hybrid cables, where we combine electrical conductors, data cables and media hoses, such as for oil or compressed air, all into one cable," says Durak. "No two cables are the same." Researching and developing new materials that have special advantages for certain applications is also one his department’s tasks.

At the same time, new product developments must comply with different standards and regulations so that they can be used for their intended purpose. "Here we benefit from the fact that we can build on a broad range of standard products that are approved," Durak explains. "This means that we don't always need to start from scratch, we can also modify existing designs as required." For all requests, the cable design department works closely with colleagues in the technical sales team as well as with the customers themselves.

Once the technical parameters have been defined, a sample of the new cable is first produced in our factory in Windsbach. "This is risk-free for our customers and allows them to check that our solution meets all their demands," Durak assures. Once the cable has been approved by the user, HELUKABEL starts the series production. "Having the product development and manufacturing expertise completely in-house is a great advantage as it allows us to offer everything from one source," Durak summarises and emphasises: "Our team is only satisfied when the customer is too."