Connection Technology for the Next Generation of Industry

Discover the HELUKABEL portfolio for industrial automation!

Man working on an industrial robot

As a renowned partner for industrial automation, HELUKABEL offers a broad product portfolio of electrical connection technology.

An increasing number of production processes are being automated across industries around the world; for example, in the automotive industry and its suppliers, the food industry, the trade sector and logistics. Autonomous handling and transport systems as well as industrial robots and computer-controlled machining centres ensure greater productivity, consistent high quality and flexible manufacturing to batch size 1.

Integrated automation systems in industry require a very large number of processors, sensors, drives and controls that are intelligently and digitally interconnected with each other. The right cables and wires are indispensable for this: they ensure that all system components reliably receive the power and data they need.

They must also meet complex requirements, depending on the application: for example, they might need to be resistant to high temperatures, chemicals, oil or mechanical stresses such as bending and torsion, be suitable for use in confined spaces or capable of ever higher data transmission rates. Such requirements make industrial automation a challenging environment for cables and wires.

For decades, HELUKABEL has been a renowned partner to numerous leading companies in this field and offers a comprehensive product portfolio for electrical connection technology: We have now summarized this for you in our new brochure "Cables, wires and accessories for industrial automation". Here you will find, for example, motor, servo and feedback cables for electric drives, bend- and torsion-resistant drag chain and robot cables, cable accessories, data, bus and Ethernet cables as well as space-saving hybrid cables that combine energy and data transmission. Take a look!

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